Statewide Vision for Brain Injury Policies and Services

The following DRAFT Statewide Vision for Brain Injury Policies and Services is a work in progress. Please visit this site frequently or join the mailing list for updates.

DRAFT Statewide Vision for Brain Injury Policies and Services 

In the next 5‐7 years, the future of brain injury in Nebraska will have evolved such that the following statements will accurately characterize the realm of brain injury:

  • Nebraskans with a brain injury, regardless of geographic location or financial means, will have access to the necessary resources that they require to pursue their recovery journey.
  • The Voice of people with a brain injury and their family members will exist as a unified Voice of solidarity and advocacy, and will be engaged to shape policies and programs.
  • All stakeholders in the brain injury realm will understand their unique role as well as how they complement each other towards making the future of brain injury better; subsequently, people with a brain injury will have an easier time navigating available resources with the help of specialized assistance from Peer Support Resource Navigators.
  • The Nebraska Legislature will be informed about the nature of brain injury and its ongoing impact on Nebraskans, and will be supportive of funding and policies to support the necessary statewide resources for those with brain injury.
  • The complex nature of an injured brain and the recovery journey will be understood by everyone, such that stigma will be eliminated and the public will be more supportive of efforts to improve overall brain injury support and resources.


Why Does the Vision Exist?

The Vision exists because it serves the purpose of documenting the collective Voice of those Nebraskans who have a brain injury and their families. It was written because without a statement of future direction, needs, and infrastructure, the many different stakeholders engaged in the realm of brain injury would not have a collective future toward which to guide their efforts, nor would they have a compelling reason to collaborate. This Vision, then, exists to bring focus for what the future should look like with respect to brain injury in Nebraska, such that all stakeholders—including those with brain injury and their families, who together represent the Voice of the people with brain injury and who collectively are the most important stakeholder—can collaborate effectively towards achieving this future Vision.


Additionally, having a written Vision creates accountability among all stakeholders.  There are many roles that need to be played if this Vision is to become a reality, and the BIAC will, as one of its roles, serve as a forum for discussing the current status of this Vision, efforts and initiatives to pursue it, possible collaborations and funding sources, and other critical topics that relate to the pursuit of this Vision.


How Should the Vision Be Used?

Often, an organization develops a Vision and that Vision is placed on a shelf.  Successful organizations that are serious about walking the walk of their Mission Statement in order to achieve their Vision will keep their Vision Statement in print and in front of them to help guide their decisions.

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